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I’ve been working in the radio biz over the last decade at the ABC, Triple M, Mix 102.3 and FIVEaa. So its time to do my own thing and as music and talk IS my thing, I’m bringing the stories behind the songs that make you move and the stories surrounding the song and the musician that will ”move you” in a brand new Podcast. Join this weekly podcast as I breathe a little life into some of the favourite interviews people have asked me about with the artists we all know and love, plus I’ll bring you something new when I check in and see what they’re up to now. A happy little mish mash of great stories, good times and groovy music.

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Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

Alan fletcher is one of Australia’s most beloved and instantly recognizable actors, probably most known for his incredible run since 1994, as Dr Karl on “Neighbours”.  A sad time to say goodbye to the show, cast & crew after such an amazing time on our TV screens, even if its jut me who I having a very hard time letting go! Alan is a sheer delight and has had a substantial music career running alongside his acting career as well.  We talk tours, saying goodbye to Dr Karl and his branch new debut album “Dispatches”.

Saturday Jul 02, 2022

A great chat that featured on Saturday Breakfast with Julie Reynolds, networked around Australia via the Community Radio Network. Steve, who you may know as the energetic guitarist from 80's sensation Wa Wa Nee, is a multi-faceted individual and talent.  Hear the common link to our host Julie and the new album cover for "Deja Vu" and the link between Steve and the Beatles. Its a mini episode, so if you have just under 10mins, pop in the earbuds and give this one a listen, with some great Wa Wa Nee tracks and new Steve Williams music included!      

Sunday Feb 20, 2022

Photographer Eric Algra's new book "Rock n Roll City" is the who's who of music that rocked the whole of Australia 1978 to 1983. And it is amazing!

Tuesday Dec 28, 2021

It is such a joy and an honour to think I have had the chance to chat with Brian Cadd. What can you say except the man is one of the best and an absolute delight. Here's a catch up from not so long ago, played on Saturday Breakfast with Julie Reynolds, around Australia via the Community Radio Network.

Tuesday Dec 28, 2021

You know I have a national brekkie show yeah? Check Podcast - Saturday Breakfast with Julie Reynolds, the Best Bits for more. We were joined by Dino Jag, singer/songwriter, who had an absolute cracker of a year in 2020 with the success of the "iso dance" favourite, "Can't Keep Still", backing it up with a great little track for Chrissy, "Christmas Day" so of course it got a run on the show on Christmas Day! Dino joined us for a chat and told us about his brand new track "When The Day Comes", which comes with a stamp of approval no doubt from one of the world's most recognized song writers...have a listen to see what I mean

Wednesday May 26, 2021

Suzi Quatro is the Queen. That's all that you need to say about this effervescent pocket-rocket powerhouse. When you're that little kid who saved all her pocket money to buy her first album "Can the Can", when you were a contestant on RocKwiz and you sang Devil Gate Drive at Clipsal 500 in front of 10,000 people (me, I did that!) then you can guess how thrilled I was to speak with Suzi, so she can catch you up on lockdown, new album (The Devil In Me) and single (Do Ya Dance). She's a great chat, a true icon and is the one and only Suzi Quatro....a 1 a 2 a 1,2,3! Come Alive!

Friday Apr 30, 2021

Cosentino is recognised across the globe as Australia’s most successful magician….tv shows, live shows, packed houses and will scare the pants off you with some of his death defying escapes…..he joins us on the show to talk magic, illusion and how he got into it before kicking off his career in the 2011 series of Australia’s Got Talent…. You can check out his latest tour “Deception” at, heading out on the road this June to August '21We caught up online recently and I can guarantee you'll love Cosentino's passion for life and magic and you’re sure to enjoy this chat with the witty, charming and very engaging COSENTINO! In just a moment on the MOVE ME Podcast.

Sunday Apr 18, 2021

KICKING OFF SERIES 2 : Damien Leith is the affable Irish lad who Australia has adopted as their very own along with multi Golden Guitar Winner, all-round great guy Darren Coggan with a very 2021 way to chat, via Zoom, in the car to get internet connection for both Julie and Damien. That's the new way! They share a laugh and talk about almost everyone's favourites, The Beatles. AND there's an album supporting the tour, which kicks off in Adelaide Friday 23rd of April at the Norwood Concert Hall, then on the 24th up to the Barossa Arts Centre in Tanunda. Great fun chat, with a couple of legends "The Two Of Us - The songs of Lennon & McCartney" - from Zoom straight to PodcastPRODUCED BY : AUDIOLemonade

Tuesday Dec 08, 2020

Its another rewind, this time from a few years back chatting with the ultra-exuberant songwriter & co-founder of Aussie rock favourites Boom. Crash. Opera! If you didn't say this in your head like the beginning of Onion Skin, you did!

Monday Nov 30, 2020

In this episode you'll hear from 80's iconic band Wa Wa Nee's guitarist Steve Williams, He’s collaborating with a whole heap of singers and some new music is already released and available wherever you stream or get your music from. Here's a strong tip, if you love something with a bit of soul, a touch of 80's and a nod to Bowie you will LOVE the latest tune "When I See You Dancing". We chat about the early days riding high with chart success both here and overseas, what’s happening now and who’s lining up to sing on the tracks and beyond Enjoy this fun chat with Steve in just a moment. Hosted & Produced by Julie Reynolds


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